25 October 2010

Home alone in a big house

I will be living a solitary life from this day on and perhaps for about a month, not that I'm going to be a hermit or for any religious reason. I'll be home alone again in this three bedroom house, with only four solid walls that I can talk to. The house looks like it has been recently deserted but actually it's kinda like that, with the exception that they will surely be coming back.

Anyway, the saddest part was to say take care and be careful to your family when they are about to fly home for a deserving vacation and more to enjoy. I just came back from the airport several hours ago for the sending off of my wife and our son, they are going to the Philippines. It's our son's first time to travel by air and the second for my wife to be alone travelling a long flight. It's quite sad to think that I won't be going with them and most devastating for the thought that my wife is alone bringing our little child who just turn 13 weeks recently. I cannot imagine what it's like when our son will be acting up while up in the air and she is all alone to take care of him. Their flight will be about 10 hours and 30 minutes, quite a very long flight for a little child like him.

I'm just hoping everything will just be fine and turn out all right when they land safely at Mactan Cebu International Airport tomorrow afternoon.

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