19 October 2010

Countries allowed by Paypal

With the advent of making money online or earning some extra money in the internet you need to have a legitimate money processor in order for you to receive and get your hard earned money. There are so many money processors out there and one of it is Paypal and you can sign up for free. I am not sure if Paypal is the oldest among all but I believe it is a legitimate and secured money processor.

If you still don't have one then you can sign up here.

After you register with Paypal there are other things that you need to know as well, because not all countries have the privilege what other countries have. What I meant is, there are countries that can send and receive money from Paypal but not all are able to withdraw this earnings from your Paypal account and transfer it in your local bank account. So I am making this to ease up those burden and for anyone to check first which country does allowed Paypal and which one doesn't.

The following countries are the only one who has the option or has the privilege to SEND, RECEIVE AND WITHDRAW to a LOCAL or US Bank Account or a card. Which means you CAN send and receive payments and withdraw from your Paypal account to your country's bank account.

- Czech Republic - Indonesia - Portugal
- Denmark - Ireland - Reunion
- Finland - Japan - Slovakia
- French Guiana - Luxembourg - South Korea
- Greece - Martinique - Sweden
- Guadeloupe - New Zealand - Taiwan
- Hungary - Norway - Thailand
- India - Philippines

If your country is not included in the above list then check the link below to see what your country offers.


  1. Hi, sirrob! You have a new post! ^^ v and you have lots of affiliates too! How do you write for More Niche? I also read about that, but I haven't tried it yet. There's also World Niche, but I haven't checked that out too!

    Paypal is the most commonly used in these kinds of sites, unlike in PTCs where they use other modes of payment. If a site pays through Paypal, you will definitely be sure that it's a legit one. What I don't like is the transfer fee of $5. So, if I have money in my Paypal, I can't transfer it yet, especially if I only have $10 in it. lol

  2. Hey, it's me again.. your moreniche link says wrong link code.. hmm..

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  4. I've had the pleasure of paying by PayPal with minimal funds. The amount I had to pay was $100. Since my PayPal account only had $5, the balance of $95 was automatically debited from my linked EON card. Cool :)