17 October 2010

Save Geraldine

Life..!! you really don't know what will happen next, what tomorrow brings... we cannot know.

I was watching Rated K in TFC (The Filipino Channel) and couldn't believe the horrific story of a used to be beauty queen, turned into a different face when she was afflicted with a kidney disease and a metabolic disorder while on dialysis. It changed her life, the life of her family and to those around her poignantly, not knowing that a once beauty diva could be like that. You can see the difference on the photo below.

Financial difficulty is one of the reason why she looks different already and could be the sole reason why she acquired such disorder. She had a tragic story but Geraldine or commonly known as "Dane" did not lose hope and faith. Her husband was there all the time and was her only determination when at once she want to let it go already.

If you want to help Geraldine go to her website or at Facebook, just search "Save Geraldine J. Oliva" or just click here. You can see all the informations there, where to send the amount you want to extend. Or you can also send her an email at savegeraldine@yahoo.com.

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