31 October 2010

Borrowed Time

Life is full of uncertainties and life’s circumstances are not always what we wished them to be. Life holds no guarantees of how long our loved ones will live and no one of us knows until when our borrowed times be put to an end. What tomorrow brings, we cannot know… what the future brings, only God knows.

Grief and loss are of natural process in our life but dealing with it seems to be very difficult. Each of us has different ways of coping with the loss, most especially if it is our loved ones. Even though we knew that this borrowed life will be taken away from us yet, we still at times carry the burden of the emotional pain from the loss. No one has ever prepared us to be at the same shoe even if we have experience the same loss some time in our life.

They are gone and life will never be the same… but life is not about losing people, it’s about loving them when they are here and cherish them when they are gone. Don’t waste the opportunity to say something when you have the time to do it because we don’t know how long we’ll have that opportunity. Don’t wait the time when their name is chiseled on a cold marble stone… because no amount of regret can recover the wasted time.


  1. I agree that we need to show our love and care for our loved ones now while they are still living. You just don't know for certain when they would go. I kinda miss my parents because they live far away from us but I make sure that I let them know I love them even if just by telling them on the phone.

  2. That's good to hear and that you won't be one of the statistics who would regret in the end.