09 July 2011

Snail Mail Better Than Email...!

The Facebook announcement of its new apps overshadowed the final space shuttle launch. In fact even the controversial Casey Anthony trial latest news is nowhere to be found in Google trending yesterday and today. But hey, I am not going to talk about it here and that wasn't the main subject either. Although Facebook's launching of the Skype application has been trending high today, higher than the announcement of Yao Ming’s retirement from basketball and much higher of Selena’s role in Monte Carlo, that won’t make me have a bite of writing.

If you happen to drop by here yesterday, I made a post regarding the last space shuttle launch and ending NASA’s space shuttle program. It’s because of this post that I became annoyed and experience what it’s like to have a slow internet connection. It affects all that you want to accomplish in minutes which will now take hours to finish and immediately remembered one thing that is shown below. It always sipped into my mind the following sentence “Sometimes it’s so slow that it’s faster to send a snail mail than an email”.

Now, I fully understand the agony of those bloggers who have a slow connection. Prior to this experience I don’t always have a problem connecting in the internet since I have a fiber optic connection in the house and I am the only one using the password secured wi-fi. But now that I’m on a 3-week vacation here in Cebu, Philippines at the house of my parents, it’s a never ending waiting for every page to load. And I can no longer watch NASA’s Final Space Shuttle Launch Live.

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