27 August 2010

Our little angel turns 5 weeks

Our son just turned 5 weeks old 2 days ago. Went to his peds for his monthly check up and for the rashes he got on his face that seems getting worse at times. I was alone with his doctor… my wife was in the pharmacy, for I thought it would just be quick for her to get her meds while waiting for our son’s doctor. But she (my son’s doc) was just quick from her another delivery so the nurse called at the doctor’s room for little Seth’s examination. His doctor said that our son was just growing well and gains enough since the last time she saw him.

Seth’s birth weight was a mere 2.55 kilograms (5.6 lbs) and if I remembered it correctly he was 48 cm (18.89 inch) in length or something near that. At 2 weeks he was 3 kg and 52 cm then 2 days ago (5 weeks old) he shoots up to 3.9 kg and 58 cm.
I think he’s just growing well with his mom’s breast milk, drinking 60 cc every 2 hours. Though I’m not quite very sure about it but as I looked up on different charts available online, it seems that his weight is with in the normal limits but I think his height is just near the borderline of the maximum allowable at his age.

What do you think of him?

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  1. I think everything is fine and well... I am sure he will come to be a fine young man like his dad...