10 August 2010

Story to Tell

The things I write about now are not easy to understand and so hard to accept. These are feelings nobody knows that I am capable of having.

I have always felt for the things happening around me but I seldom make a display of my emotions (that I have feelings after all). There are times when life’s seems filled with uncertainties and you don’t know what’s going to happen, what the future brings. The thing is, we have come to accept these things as part of our daily lives. We have grown tired of trying to make a difference, of fighting for what we think is right and of trying to make ourselves better. Unmet expectations, a change of priorities, insufficient time became burdens then questions came rushing to my mind. Why must I ask you still about the things you can’t give reasons for or intend not to tell? Tell me why i can’t be there where you are?

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