13 March 2011

"Van Gol" 88:35 - Repost

I am reposting this nerve wreaking game by Real Madrid while Barca is playing too. This is full of thrill since Real is playing the game of their life hanging in a small thread but a slip up will cause them the biggest game to Barca. A win by Real will give them an edge even though it is very small yet they gonna bring home the silverware. But this time around Real is playing catch up by 4 points (temporarily) while Barca is playing later tonight and if they're going to beat Sevilla then it would be another difficult path for Real ahead of the second El Classico on 17 April at the turf of Los Blancos.

Read on and feel the intense thrill way back 2006...

The quest for La Liga De Las Estrellas kicks-off 1500 EDT (09 June) and things started badly for Real and Barca when Tamudo stroke home at 29:00 and stuns the Nou Camp fans but Messi-ah equalized with a replica of the famous Maradona's "hand of god" goal just before half time. While on the other match, Real fell prey to Milito's penalty kick two mins after Tamudo's goal, leaving the Merengues a point behind Barca going to the second half and possibly relegating La Liga to Barca in this pulsating title race.
As the second halves begins, Messi puts Barcelona in front while the Bernabeu galacticos struggles to find the net but they refused to lie down just yet and levelled the game through "Van Gol", not long enough after Messi hands them a 2 point edge. But the La Romareda's seems not giving Real any breather and are not finished yet when Milito calmy works his way and stabbed the Bernabeu's, conceding a second goal. Real looks desperate and its title hopes looked to have gone up in smoke as they trailed 2-1 and Barca ahead at 2-1. Two minutes to go and Real can see it slipping away and Barca will be left needing just one point going to next Sunday's last game in Primera Liga. But then a sudden twist of faith and another dramatic change of atmosphere emerge with another "Van Gol" at 88:35, saving Real and staging yet another comeback, drawing 2-2. When everyone thought that it would be the end and that would be the end of the high drama across Espanya, but there was still one last title race twist to come.
The Periquitos struck again, 20 seconds after the "Van Gol", drilled a low angled shot past Barca's keeper to earn a 2-2 draw, putting Real Madrid back on top of the Primera Liga title race, as Barcelona surrendered their lead at Nou Camp. There were no easy ride in La Liga, anything can happen and any of the three sides (The Merengues, The Catalans, The Andalusians) can still win it coz the game doesn't end until the final whistle is blown comes 17 June.

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