06 March 2011

How To Protect Important Documents

Do you want to get a pouch laminator so you can occasionally protect important documents? If so, you should check out the Fellowes Mars ML-125. Take a look at the reasons why:

·         The Mars ML-125 can handle a lot of different types of documents. Since it has a 12.5-inch feed opening, you can use it to laminate snapshots, certificates, kids' artwork, to-do lists, and more. This device is compatible with laminating pouches that are 3 mil thick.
·         This laminator can fully warm up in 8 minutes and it can process a letter-sized item in about a minute. This is great because it won't take you very long to laminate your materials.
·         The Mars ML-125 only has one heat setting so operating it is incredibly easy. This machine is unlikely to become jammed which makes it even more user-friendly.
·         This is a compact laminator with approximate dimensions of 4” (height) x 20” (width) x 7” (depth). It has a carrying handle for easy transport so it's perfect for people who attend crafting parties. It can also be used in schools and at the office.
·         Mars ML-125 is a well-designed laminator that can definitely handle occasional use without any problems. It has a one-year warranty.

The Mars ML-125 pouch laminator from Fellowes is a great choice if you occasionally need to laminate your documents. Consider getting it for yourself today.

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