01 March 2011

How to increase blog traffic

It’s one of those days that you need to celebrate and be happy for an achievement that you got. And when it’s there you felt something different and I’m sure a lot knows what it is to be there.

So anyway, I was trying to get back from slumber since I am not feeling well in the past few days because of cough and colds. And when I went home from work early this morning I felt something that is not right. I ate breakfast before going to sleep but wasn’t able to sleep immediately because I felt that my whole body is so hot that I began to cover my whole body with the blanket. I took my baby’s thermometer and slid it in my armpit… a few minutes had gone, check the reading and jackpot!! I officially had a fever, it was 100.8 F. That’s the reason why I’m not feeling so up this morning. My wife noticed and gave me an analgesic but I took two of them at the same time then doze off.

I woke up mid afternoon with my wife’s prodding so I can take some food in my noisy stomach. I felt different already and a bit energized from the good rest I had and no longer feel feverish. After doing some errands in the house, I went on and open my laptop to log in my daily routine for my writing gig and along the way it just came to my mind to check if there are changes in my Alexa ranking and it is still 1.8 million. But it is way better than before when it was still more than 10 million and thanks to Adgitize for bringing it down tremendously in just a few months time. The good thing is, in my other blog “Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness”, it stands below 850 thousand already and in the next update it will surely be below 500 thousand.

But that’s not what I am celebrating right now, it was just part of it. I usually check both my Alexa and Page Rank, so I could determine the progress, and noticed that my PR is already zero (0). I double check yet still remain the same. Went for work and check it right there and yes it is still zero. And all bloggers know what this meant for your blog and how important it is especially to those who are accepting freelance writing jobs. I am hoping for more opps to come in my way. Now it’s official that I am no longer N/A in my page rank.


  1. Hi Sir Rob,

    Congratulations! Your blog site has just officially graduated from Alexa's 1M traffic. Adgitize has indeed made wonders for the bloggers' Alexa ranking. Cheers!

  2. I too am am experiencing the dreaded PR0. I wonder how that happened.=(