21 December 2011

Engagement Rings: How to Buy an Engagement Ring on a Budget

Planning to get married is a very serious thing. But before you ask for your lady’s hand, make sure to have prepared the right engagement ring. For sure, you wouldn’t want to spoil that special proposal day. But determining the right engagement ring may be in a case to case basis. Deciding to purchase engagement rings is a matter of personal choice. This depends largely on many things like budget, quality, and design. For a man, choosing the perfect engagement ring is extremely difficult. As such, we have prepared some significant tips to enlighten you about engagement rings.

To buy engagement rings is like a gamble. If you do not have sufficient information about what your partner wants, then you have to start from scratch. In choosing and buying engagement rings, it is essential to plan ahead of time. You need to plan about your budget, find your prospect jeweler, choosing the right stone, length of time, engravings, designs, and ring quality. It is better to first have a list of all these things then make a research or inquiries. By doing so, you will have more and better engagement rings’ options.

Also, in deciding to purchase engagement rings, your main weapon is your knowledge of certain details about your partner.  They may be her ring size, favorite stone and cut of stone, her type of ring, or does she prefer intricate than simple designs. From this information, you can design an engagement ring and have it done. You can also seek the help of her favorite jeweler. When it comes to stone options, you may make a search in websites like Whiteflash.  In this light, it is best for you to learn about the different types of stone cuts.
  • The cushion cut or pillow cut is a square stone. This has large facets which optimizer the stone’s brilliance while surrounded by small diamonds.
  • The Asscher cut is a square cut version of the emerald.
  • The Princess Cut is one of the most popular choices. This cut is perfect for eternity bands, and its edges create walls of stones.
  • The round brilliant is a diamond cut which suits both classic and modern settings. This type has elaborate designs and guarantee ultimate sparkle.
  • The radiant is also rectangular, and known for having trimmer corners. This cut maximizes light refraction.
  • The pear cut is like that of a teardrop.
  • The heart cut reveals the symbol of love and bring about a romantic impression.
  • The Marquise is an elongated shaped cut perfect for round or pear shaped stones.
  • The oval cut accentuates the stone. This can be used in a versatile manner.
  • The Emerald cut reveals a flat surface and rectangular feature. This cut reveals the stone’s stunning clarity.
Finally, one of the most important considerations when it comes to engagement rings is the budget. Before asking for marriage, be sure to ask questions like: Can you afford for an engagement ring? If you can, will your future finances be sufficient? How much will your budget be for the engagement ring? Or does she want a cheaper or more expensive engagement ring? On the financial aspect, you must first determine your budget for engagement rings. It is better to figure out how much your spending may possibly be before running out for the stores. Also, you can try to maximize your budget. Alongside with this are some sacrifices. If you aim for a large cut diamond, then get rid of other expenses. 


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