11 December 2011

Real Madrid Dethroned Barcelona in El Clasico…

After we came back at home from a day out in the city, I immediately tuned in to watch the most anticipated first Clasico in La Liga. I was surprised that the match had started already and it is already past half an hour and the sad thing was Real Madrid was down 1-0 too. After I ate my dinner the second half is already half way and I already lost hope that Real Madrid can now dethrone Barcelona. Then several minutes after that, Marcelo was brought down inside the penalty box and Ronaldo calmly put the ball at the back of the net while the goalkeeper went to the opposite side.

As the match dwindled to its last minutes I noticed something odd in the game after seeing a tall black player at the frontline of Madrid and later knew that it was Adebayor. And with that, it is pretty obvious that I am watching an old El Clasico so it was a big relief knowing that the 2011 Clasico hasn’t started yet. But I cannot see it live either for it is almost 11 in the evening and I have an early work in the morning and I will just have to be contented with the news result.

I woke up at 5:20 AM but I was actually awaken with my alarm at 5:15, carried my son to his high chair then turn on the TV. This time it’s already the real and updated El Clasico with 1-1 score and half time is almost finished. I know that I am not going to finish it yet still very hopefully, in fact, very high that the Merengues will emerge victorious in this Clasico considering that Benzema draw the first blood and was the fastest goal in the history of the Clasico.

And so I went to work but still with doubts at the back of my mind whether Real Madrid will finally take a stronghold at the top of the leaderboard and topple Barca’s supremacy in La Liga. Along the way, I turned on my car radio and listen to the news which by luck was sports news that was airing the result of the first El Clasico.

And the prolific Barca showed their dominance again being the La Liga and the European Champions by perhaps demoralizing the Madrid side with a 3-1 come from behind victory. And probably Barca showed that they are not ready to be dethroned just yet…!

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