02 December 2011

The Twists in Dexter Had Just Started

It was only several days back that I started watching one of my favorite TV series Dexter and it's in its sixth season. And just a few minutes ago I already finished so far episode 9 and I must admit that the twist had just started and I was very much intrigue of what will be the involvement of Masuka's new intern. It was shown already that he had the stolen hand of the ice truck killer in his house. Would he be part of the doomsday killing? Considering that Prof. Gellar was already inside the ice cold storage.

But is he really dead? If not, then who was that person inside the ice storage? For now, there are so many questions unanswered and only a few things in my mind. But what I am sure of is that there will be more episodes to come to unveil the answers of these questions. More questions is looming since deputy chief Matthews was involve in some sort of crime and Debra is pursuing to open the case.

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