18 December 2011

No Longer Adgitize Blog Advertising Giveaway (Updated 28/12/11)

Earning online is a tricky business that it sometimes frustrates you before you actually see that you are really earning at all. And that is also the time when the interest to earn starts to dwindle because they haven’t seen any yet and if there is, it’s just pennies. Most of the time, according to experts, it would take about six months before you actually see the glitters in online earning through blogging. Actually there are many ways to earn and the simplest one is to start your own blog and from day one on, you just made your first step.

I started my blogs in the first quarter of 2008 and just like with what I described above, I am one of it. It was already in the last quarter of 2010 that I start to write again in my blogs when an old (online) friend open up something about earning online, again…! From there I started receiving a regular assignments to write and I saw the opportunity of how to earning online works. I learn a lot from that experience and I am thankful for the opportunity and the trust given to me.

In almost at the same time, I was introduced into advertising but at that point I am still hesitant to invest until I heard a lot of testimonies about it. Then the rest is history, although I am not earning online to call it a living but it is quite decent enough, I should say. Although I am still writing for my friend yet it is not the only source of my online earnings already and it broadens my horizon on how to include advertising opportunity in your blog.

And if you are also hesitant to try advertising then here’s a good thing for you to start. Why not join an online giveaway and earn a chance to win a  1-year dot com domain name and 1-month 125 x 125 banner ad at “Stay at Home Blessings”. The mechanics on how to join is so easy and there’s no hassle involve. You also have enough time to think about it and submit your entry because the giveaway will run from 16 December until 15 January 2012.


  1. sir rob, thank you for joining Stay at Home Blessings' giveaway. It's good that your friend gave you a part time way to earn online by writing.

    Also, let me greet you Merry Christmas!

  2. Yes, making money online is really not easy. Many people give up before they see the results. For me the money making online is my only income therefore I have to work very hard.

  3. I also join, and now I am a fan of adgitize I even encourage everyone that I know to join and invest too, actually adgitize makes me realize to update my blog regularly, it has a big difference when I regularly updated them than before

  4. it's too saddening to hear that adgitize is gone.. oh well...

    anyway, good luck to the contest borris. i also tried my luck.