01 December 2011

Travel Photolog Makeover Coming Soon

Someone just contacted me several minutes ago and offered to do the makeover of my travel photo blog. This is what I am longing for a long time already and it seems that it's coming into reality anytime soon. I also want to change my banner and header for good that really suits the theme of being a travel photography.

So, if you have something in mind to contribute and to suggest, it would be great and an honor for your help in easing up my burden in trying to figure out what's best for my travel photolog. Although I only look for a simple theme that is not or will not make an eye sore.

A fellow blogger suggested this to me for my banner or header, "a cartooney character with a cam and a confused look... then the background can be indoors with an open window to have a view outside". You know who you are if you happen to see this post.

I am just grateful if the travel photolog makeover is coming so soon. And as of the moment I cannot give out more information regarding the possible deal and the identity but I am sure when things is done or had started s/he would want to advertise her/him work.

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