22 December 2011

It's Time to Backup Your Files

In recent weeks I have seen and noticed several blogs being hacked even those free hosted one only. It seems that the perpetrators are no longer targeting specific websites anymore but probably is on its way of randomly picking just anything out there. So this should cause an alarm to blog owners if you don’t want your valuable articles gone with the wind. But remember one thing before you jump into the wagon … don’t forget to read reviews first especially if you opt to save your precious files online.

I once heard stories from bloggers that they lost all what they got, the post that were written in many years just disappear in thin air. By the way, you can check out wpdesigner.com/online-backup/ to have some ideas on how to choose a backup site that suits your needs. In that way you can sort out which one gives you exactly what you need then have a comparison from other providers.

And if you are looking for ideas, visit here so you’ll have the concept of how an online backup system works and which one offers the safest place to store your files. I like the idea too of planning out how often we are going to save our files and when to backup our files as well because no one knows when a great disaster will come to your website. So every time you encounter websites or visit site that has been hacked, think of the word backup.

Like most bloggers out there, I never kept a copy on everything that I wrote for I thought they are in good hands but out of no where… servers were hacked or it got infected with bad virus and boom you can’t touch your blog anymore. And all you can do is to pray that your hosting site can recover some of your files (if not all) and that’s the saddest waiting game out there. So it would be wise to start having a copy or two, and then store it either in an online backup system or in an external hard drive.


  1. I also hosted on free at bloggers and almost lose my accounts, but still I haven't back up all my works maybe a bit busy through offline task at home, I will try your suggestions if I had a lot of time online

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Sir Rob. For bloggers who are too busy to manually back up files, I suggest subscribing to your own mailing list/feeds so you get a copy of your blog post in your inbox every time you publish an entry. Happy New Year! :)