21 June 2013

The Local Post Office Again

I went to the local post office today after my wife told me last night that they have called for I have a mail to be picked-up. I am already expecting for it as the main post office had called me last week and was told that I can pick it up the following day. But it wasn’t still there when I came so I didn’t come back anymore because I was told to wait for a call from them (local post office).

It was not until last night that they call so I dropped by the next day to get it and I was surprise when the person at the reception asked me so many, I think, none sense questions. At first, he asked me the name of the person who called and since I am not the one who received the call, I told him that someone from the local post office called in the house and my wife just relayed the information to me. And then he asked me whether he is the one who called or who? This time, I started to get annoyed but I just kept calm yet almost pissed off already.

This is not the first time that the people in the local post office seems don’t know what they are doing. Instead of just asking for my cell number or ID to verify if I have mail rather than asking who called me is just plain non sense. He then asked for my mobile number and checked it with his file and I already saw my number on the paper that they have posted at the reception. Upon seeing that my number is there, he searched in the small box at the counter and found my mail. I gave him my ID and signed some paper then thank him before I left.

This isn’t the first time I had a bad experience with them and the local post office is so far the worse comparing to the other government agencies that I transact some business.

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