03 June 2013

The 2012 Season is Over

I made a post in late February this year about the eight days that will define Real Madrid’s season. And at that time, what will be the outcome of the three crucial matches that the Los Blancos have will either cost Mourinho his job at the end of the season or perhaps will continue for another one.

But as of now, everything has been decided already and we all know the fate of Real Madrid already and Jose Mourinho. And the European football season has ended two days ago with no surprises for any late comeback to topple those at the top. Yet it was a different story in the bottom dwellers as some are able to snatch late win and eventually avoid relegation. It has almost the same story also to those who are still fighting to qualify for places to play at the Champions and Europa Leagues.

Although the 2012 season is over yet the thrill and surprises are not finished yet as summer transfer will become busy to make their own squad stronger for the next season. There are already big names that shifted to different clubs and many will follow through in the coming days. And everyone are all left speculating what will happen next and for the meantime, we just have to focus ourselves in another next big thing in sports, the NBA Playoffs.

And as of this writing, the Miami Heat had just defeated the Pacers and will face the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals.

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