27 August 2011

Time travel so fast...

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaway Week 13. This week’s prize is $10 paypal cash credit from Gagay of My FREE Travels and Tours.

First of all, this will serve as an apology to my followers (if there's any) most especially to the loyal EC droppers of Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness. I did not abandoned this blog, it's just our internet in the house was disconnected earlier this month and it was just this morning that we are able to connect to the world wide web. If you scroll down to the next post, you'll noticed how long it was already from my last post here and I am just glad I can now update this blog more often for there are so many things to say especially that I came from a shortened 3-week vacation.

But then time travel so fast and September is just around the corner. September has a lot of things to remember especially when it comes to my line of work. It's the month that the only EMS service in Cebu will celebrate it's anniversary and this year is so specially to all the members and volunteers since it will the Silver Anniversary. It looks like just yesterday when I left the rescue group to work abroad but the memories of yesteryear's still lives within. No matter what, I am still seeing myself going back to serve ERUF when it's time to go home. I don't know when would it be but for sure I will be joining a hectic ride in the ambulance.

Anyhow, I will be posting more of the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation's (ERUF) Silver Anniversary later this week for they're going to have a special and a healthy event for a cause that I am sure will surely benefit the least fortunate people in Cebu City and the neighboring areas. So, I am urging everyone to support the group in whatever way you can so they will continue to serve so that others may live.

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  1. i also have intermittent problems with my internet connection. ang hirap! ewan ko ba...

    anyway, thanks again for joining in the week 13 of the Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Borris. Good luck and have a great week ahead.

    PS. the winner of your sponsorship week is already announced. pakidouble check na lang ng entries ni Yuuki. she followed you via GFC and networked blogs daw. regards and thanks again.