07 August 2011

Why Another Google Page Rank Update?

Three days ago, I was doing my blogging routine at Adgitize when I click the banner of Georyl and was surprised of her post regarding another Google Page Rank update considering that it was just only late June when there was an update. So I did check around if there was really an update (I did not check my blogs yet) but found nothing and most that I opened were from the June update.

I did not check my blogs for the reason that I have already checked them several days ago after I came back from a three-week vacation. In fact, I made a post about it too if there was another Page Rank update because my two blogs which has PR2 before my scheduled vacation in Cebu, Philippines, had fallen one step back. I was a bit sad about it but there’s nothing I can do about it since it’s done already. And Google has made its judgment.

But it’s not the end of it and it seems that in every bad news you’ll get, there’s also the other side of the coin that is good news. So let me share to you the good news which I did not even expect to happen.

My newly migrated blog, Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness, had PR0 a few days before the June update and when I entered the URL on the PR checker I was surprise and I can’t even believe of what I saw from the result. So, can you guess what Page Rank it has right now?

It’s amazing that Big G made another page rank update in August knowing that there were changes noted late June and in July. I have read in various forums that indeed there was an update last June 2011 and when I checked it again late July, there were changes in the PR of my two blogs. Apparently, Google messed up in June Updates and made a corrective actions in late July.

It sounds strange though but I am happy that “Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness” had PR2 already knowing that I just transferred it in the middle of June (PR0) and now in less than two months it has Page Rank of 2.


  1. A giant leap in page rank. Good for you. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing. It seems to work well :)

  2. Thanks Sir Rob for sharing, I checked mine. And I'm happy too. :)

  3. I think G is being way too hard on bloggers. They've really taken to fighting spam, affiliate links, and people who sell links: In their fire fight with these many innocent bloggers are getting hurt.

  4. can relate to this one, just launched our website 3 months back and had a PR2 this June, then another update was done and surprisingly 5 of our new pages (less than a month) has been awarded PR1

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  5. Actually, there really is no set period when Google will update PRs. I'm glad for your blogs' new PageRanks.