09 November 2011

Another Page Rank Update for November

Have you check your Page Rank lately?

I just did check mine a few days ago and it seems there are no changes since the last Page Rank Update in June and late July. There are mixed emotions during that update but there’s always a happy thought for every sad news. And Google’s Page Rank updates for November are all good for my blogs. There’s only one change in my blog and this personal blog “Humble Opinion by sirrob” is already PR2, just one step up from the ladder.

And if you are interested to join a giveaway or become a sponsor for a giveaway to be conducted by soon to be a doc gagay then head on to her blog “I am but Gagay” to know more about the mechanics and the rules of her giveaway. She is actually doing a double thanksgiving giveaway for her updated Page Rank and for her upcoming birthday. So you better check her out then.

And ooh by the way…! Don’t forget to check your Google Page Rank Update for November. Who knows you might be one of those who received good grades from Mr. G.

1 comment:

  1. that's nice, galing...congrats!
    my blog is still PR1
    thanks for sharing your experience. i will renew my adgitize ad