17 June 2012

The Hobbyist in Me

Hobbyist, in my own terms I would like to call myself as one. I have a lot of interest that would really allow my mind to relax and just enjoy the moment every time I’m indulged in my hobbies. I love to paint (most of my works I've given away as gifts), well I have a few collection of my works but not as many as the art collections of some famous painters and collectors around. I’m an aquarist, I love to collect a certain type of freshwater fish which is from the cichlid family. I love to collect scale models of vintage cars (1:15 scale), I love to collect shot glasses from places I've been to. Some people say that it’s just a waste of time and money not to mention the space that it’s going to occupy in the house, but to me this is my way of letting the steam off from work and the stresses in everyday toil.

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