09 June 2012

The Many Side Effect of Prohormones

Bodybuilding did not really exist prior to the late 19th century and during these times they build their muscles out of pure exercise for strength and form. They are using the help of fruits, vegetables and meat as their protein supplement to help sustain the rigors of muscle building and not relying on any steroids. That on the other hand is readily available and accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

Enhancing a hormones’ function could have a good or undesirable effect on the individual depending on the individual body’s reaction. The prohormones enhance the function of the already existing hormones in the body yet they don’t add hormones, whereas a steroid adds and that commonly causes the confusion. Many studies have shown that prohormones turn into anabolic hormones after an enzymatic process in the body and excess amount of it may lead to liver damage. And the kidneys are also susceptible to its side effects. It seems that there are just so many side effects of prohormones that in the long term use would lead into infertility and baldness.

While in females, prohormones may lead to increase in testosterone production and have some grotesque side effects like facial growth and deepening of the voice, making them sound like men. With the growing underlying side effects mentioned, I guess I’ll have another thought if I would recommend them to you. Just like the mystery that surrounds the alleged use of performance enhancing drugs by Manny Pacquiao which enables him to jump several weight classes. But nobody knows who is telling the truth and you will be the judge of who is dirty and who is not.

And so it would still be better to stick to the traditional ways of enhancing one’s physique in a natural ways. No short cuts, as they say nature is nurture.

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  1. Great post on prohormones Rob! I have been reading a lot about them lately because a lot of my friends into weight lifting told me they can really help muscle growth. Thank you for sharing this with us!