16 September 2010


Our little boy just turned 1 month, 3 days ago and we are now a certified parent but it is just the beginning. So far, it seems that raising a small infant is difficult to handle especially that you have a day work to attend.It's not that I'm complaining, I was just saying, you know. In fact, it's still a reward and is still worthy even you are weary and stressed.

Anyway, that was not the thing that I must be talking right now and that wasn’t the stuff that lingers in my mind ever since. What’s in my mind is about when to let go of our children. What I’m trying to say is when will be the right or appropriate time (if there is?) that we are going to let our children decide for themselves? Is there specific time frame that we must let them decide in their own? I know that it is the obligation of parents to guide their children in the right path but sometimes when they become older parents tend to meddle and will decide for them. I heard and saw different stories of this kind and the same reason why I was able to create a poem regarding such matter. Parents decide what college education they want to have for their children, what friends they should not be going with and even chose who the boy/girlfriend they must have. These are just the few of the so many that parents encroached in their children.

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  1. christine c. mabulay22 August, 2010 03:40

    the story was awesome, it really leaves lesson to everyone, to the parents as guide to their children. you will know when is the right time to let go your children when you're there in the situation.

  2. I myself starts to thinking about it already, mine is just more than a moth still. LOL

  3. The great thing about babies is that they grow out of their phases at about the same rate that you get fed up with them. Enjoy your little one and remember, sleep deprivation is normal.

  4. whew. being a parent is amazing :)