04 January 2013

The Never Ending Twists in Dexter

I finally watched the remaining two episodes of Dexter Season 7 but it wasn’t that thrill at all although it wasn’t bad either. So here’s what happened if you haven’t seen it or still lagging behind a few episodes back. 

I was right that LaGuerta was killed at the last episode but the twist and bizarre thing that happened is that it was Debra who killed her. She actually was left with no other choice because LaGuerta told her to shot Dexter when she woke up from the half dozed injection given to her by Dexter. And Debra said to Hannah that she will protect him no matter what but she’s still shocked of what just happened. 
Then I think Hannah will live for another season as she disappears in the dark after she escaped from prison while being treated at the hospital. She also left a flower outside the door of Dexter’s apartment. So there are three things that I am so curious about Dexter Season 8, first of all, is how LaGuerta’s body was disposed or would it be a set-up shootout between LaGuerta and the killer of Dexter’s mom? Second, since Hannah is alive, how will Dexter hunt her and if so, will Dexter kill her? And lastly, what will be the life of Debra knowing that she’s the one who killed LaGuerta. 

Perhaps, that would make the first few episodes of Dexter Season 8 which will be aired on June 30.

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