18 December 2013

Google Celebrates Qatar National Day

Google always honored celebrities, dignitaries, high profile individuals and any well known events in their search engine. I have seen a lot of them in countless times before and today I was surprised on what I’ve seen in the featured illustrated image of the Google search engine. My eyes were glued to it upon seeing the big clamp with big pearl inside. It is just so familiar to me that it made me appreciate of what Google did as Qatar celebrates its National Day today.

It is truly indeed great to see and how Google illustrates their support. While the image is so popular to me, I am also fascinated of how they have portrayed Qatar’s National Day on the image. It may be simple but is enough already to get someone’s attention and it is elegantly illustrated on the image above. And my interpretation of it is the perfect combination in order to capture the olden corniche and the ultra modern Qatar with mushrooming sky scrapers at the background.

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