17 December 2013

Real Madrid to Play Friendly Match against PSG

When we went to the mall to watch a movie, I already planned of purchasing the ticket for the coming friendly match of Real Madrid and PSG next month on the second day of the New Year. It is a big matchday not only for the Los Blancos and PSG fans but to all football fans here considering that two of the most expensive football players are coming to town. The champions of Spain are up against the champions of France who are also fully talent laden lead by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani. I’m sure it will be an exciting and great game to watch.

After several minutes of roaming around the mall in search for the place where the tickets are sold, I finally got hold of the tickets that would let me watch (hopefully) for the first time my favorite football team, Real Madrid. Although it will be my second time to watch live football but it will be my first to see the Los Blancos playing against PSG in person and no longer on TV. I am already excited of the coming game upon getting the tickets and when it’s on my hand even it is still barely two weeks to go. The only thing is that, I wasn’t able to get a good seat because tickets were sold like pancakes when I arrived. So see you on 2 January for the friendly match of the Los Blancos and Les Parisiens.

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