17 December 2013

Just Like Winning the Mega Millions

Finally the plan to watch a movie has materialized. We were supposed to be going to the movie house last weekend but due to work schedule it has to be moved to other date. And so yesterday, after I came from work we finally watched a movie that my wife wanted us to see. But don’t get too excited as it is not the kind of movie that you expect us to be watching because it isn’t a love story or has full of action moves instead it was an animated show.
We’re off to the movie house not for ourselves but for our son to watch Tarzan. It was his second time to watch a movie and the first one was Superman that was a few months ago. It was also my wife’s second since she arrived here in late 2009. Our son was so behaved and was sitting beside his mom when the movie starts but then things changed when he saw Tarzan leaps and jumps. He tried to imitate what Tarzan is doing in the movie and he would start by standing on his chair then acts like we will jump as if he won mega millions in the lottery.

I’m sure he was having some fun and was enjoying the movie then something came in my mind and I think this might not be his last and there will be more to come especially that he is now more exposed to cartoon characters and also in school.

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