02 May 2012

Becoming a Sports Blog?

You might be wondering that this blog will turn into a sports blog or perhaps a football niche as I have been talking only football (majority of it) in the past two months. But NO, humble opinion by sirrob isn’t heading that way. It is just that March and April are crucial months in European football because it is where the champions are formed. It is the turning point whether you raise the trophy or go home empty handed and wait for another season to try once again.

There’s just so many things that happened in March and April that’s worthy of my attention and that I need to document them. Then comes May the crowning glory before the season ends.

We witnessed in March when the Great Wall collapsed, from Premier League, to La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1. Although I am not following the French League but I was checking them form time to time only because of PSG. Other than that, I am already occupied in the first three leagues. Then the saga roll over the following month but only Real Madrid was able to hold on in the leaderboard while the rest, just crumble to the pressure.

The Los Blancos almost relinquish the La Liga top spot to arch rivals Barca but a gallant stand during the recent El Clasico, gave Mourinho his first win at Nou Camp. And it is like worth winning the La Liga. If Madrid wins tonight they are going to clinch their 32nd La Liga title. While AC Milan and PSG aren’t able to grab back the top spot and may have to finish the season as runners-up. But the Manchester derby last Monday has given Man City a glimpse of light and snatched the top spot from city rivals ManU but it's not over yet, there are still two more games to play.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

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