01 May 2012

Premier League Relegation takes center stage

The Premier League games last weekend were a battle of who will stay and who will be relegated at the end of the season. Though one thing is for sure, Wolverhampton was confirmed already of moving down to the second tier after their loss to Manchester City last week. And two more teams needed to complete the list but there are several teams who are fighting it out in order to avoid relegation. Five teams to be exact and anyone of them can go down the wire if they aren’t careful in their next games. And there are actually two more games left to play.

Aston Villa, Bolton and Wigan live for another day. While QPR and Blackburn are still not off the hook of being relegated as they lose again after a dramatic win last weekend against stronger teams. After a run of seven undefeated games, Newcastle finally succumbed to the might of Wigan who in their part beat the likes of Liverpool, Man U and Arsenal. Just over a month ago, they looked certain to be relegated but the inspired Wigan shreds Newcastle with a 4-0 win and positioned themselves three points clear of the three-team relegation zone.

Nonetheless, I am much concern of QPR’s result because they just had been promoted this season and was the number one in the Championship League. Although I am not a big fan of the Rangers but I have been following them time after time and I don’t want to see them going back in the second tier right after their promotion.

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