09 May 2012

The Title Race is not Over

The Qatari owned PSG stay afloat and move at the top for a day after a dramatic win at Valenciennes but Montpellier has reclaimed the lead a day later but the title race is not over yet since there are still two games left. A win by Montpellier and a loss by PSG on 13 May will automatically hand over the Ligue 1 title to the former.

PSG’s win last Wednesday at home to Saint-Etienne and a draw of Montpellier to Evian at home sparks a light of hope for PSG to possibly snatch the Ligue 1 title as the end of the season approaches. At the moment, both PSG and Montpellier are tied on points and goal difference but PSG has 7 more goal-scored than Montpellier. And if both finished with the same points and goal difference then PSG has more possibility of taking home the title.

Yet the title race is not contested by two teams only as third place Lille is knocking on its door with only 5 points adrift. Although it is just an outside chance of winning the title yet statistically they are still not out of the race as long as both PSG and Montpellier will lose their remaining two games or even a draw is enough to retain the championship title.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

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