14 May 2012

City are the Champions

13 May is a big day for mothers around the world as many have celebrated the annual event to commemorate the work of the mothers. But in the football world, one football club celebrates Sunday by winning the 2012 Premier League title in probably the most dramatic and nerve breaking way. And you can even put and use all superlatives alike and it will fit as description of how the game ended. Manchester City won the EPL title in a stunning fashion and probably one of the greatest finishes in Premier League history.
Manchester City is champions of England beating city rivals United in a seemingly impossible and thrilling finale. And it did not come in an easy way in fact, at some point many (including myself) thought that it will become a historic collapse for Man City as they made a crucial mistake a few minutes after the second half has started. QPR leveled the game just three minutes into the second half and the once thought that City had one hand already on the championship trophy vanish into thin air putting them on the edge of darkness.

The incredible finish started when ManU scored their only goal after 20 minutes from kick-off, putting a bit pressure to Man City but Zabaleta responded just on time, six minutes before half time. Making the game practically over since ManU need to overhaul an 8 goal difference but when the second half started, a twist of event happened. City were stunned when QPR make it 1-1 at three minutes after the second half started then doubled it in the 66th minute. As if disaster struck the second time around for Man City and they now need two goals to claim their first title in 44 years.

After 90 minutes of playing time, Manchester City is still down 1-2 and as ManU and their fans started to celebrate then Man City delivered a big blow. The referee calls for five minutes of extra time, thanks to the sending off of Barton with his flagrant foul that causes another drama. And five minutes is just all they needed to turn things around in Man City’s favor. Man City tied the game in 92 minutes and hanging on a thin line of hope before the improbable became a reality. With just over a minute left, destiny happened and the championship race goes down to the very last minute of the season. Aguero fired the ball into the back of the net from a timely pass from Balotelli, sending the Etihad Stadium into raptures. And all that Manchester United can do is to watch in disbelief as Manchester City claimed as Champions in EPL.

NB: Image from Best Season in Premier League History.

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