08 September 2011

Challenging Time of Life

August was a trying month for our family in many terms although we had a vacation last July but coming back after is challenging. There were reasons that beyond our control and prioritizing what needs to be done first and what’s the top priority should come before the other. Our lil boy comes first in many of those reasons and we have to set aside bills that can wait in a latter days.

One of the hardships we had is when my wife started her work and there’s no one who can look up and take care of our 1 year and 1 month old son. And the type of work I had is a shifting job so there’s always a possibility that both of us will go to work at the same time of the day. Lucky for us that my time at work will change every two days and we only have to leave our son in the care of our neighbor for several hours when we work together in the morning.

Another thing is, for almost the entire month of August, we had a problem in the connection in our house. I believe it’s almost three weeks that we cannot access the world wide web through the computer and was only using mobile access. And I had great concern to the EC droppers of “Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness” that I wasn’t able to return the favor. So aside from the apology that I made in my previous post, I will feature the top droppers and thank you that you keep on dropping despite my absence in yours. Rest assured that the top droppers will be at my side bar for the whole month of September.
image was captured from my EC stats

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  1. i hope all your concerns will be settled ASAP sir rob.

    by the way, left you an award in my site... please check it out...