21 September 2011

ERUF 161 - Now

If you have seen the first video I posted regarding ERUF's humble beginning then you will noticed the big difference and a better ERUF now. It is obvious in the photo below of the many additional ambulance and fire trucks they have acquired and so does with other rescue tools and equipment. This time around it is almost top of the line (modern equipment and vehicles) comparing from where they have started and that they are using reconditioned and dilapidated vehicles. Remember the first fire truck that was built out from the junk shop and became a functional and fully operational.

image from ERUF 161.com

In fact, that was the catalyst of all the blessings that ERUF continue to receive from generous people local and in abroad. They were called Friends of ERUF. Watch the video below and you'll see what ERUF can offer in terms of EMS, Rescue and Fire.

Thank you to the Friends of ERUF for the undying support you have given to the organization. And thank you ERUF for the true dedicated community service despite of the bumps, here and there, that you have encountered as you grow in many aspects. I am sure you will continue to serve so that others may live.

If you have something or anything to help that you will extend to the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation, commonly known as ERUF, you can coordinate with the group by visiting their website. ERUF161.com or you can visit ERUF Facebook page.

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