06 September 2011

Monster Saltwater Crocodile Caught

In a remote area South of the Philippines, in Agusan del Sur, a huge or should I say a giant saltwater crocodile was caught by local villagers. Officials said that the monster saltwater crocodile measures about 21 feet and roughly weighs more than a ton. So far it is likely to be the biggest crocodile caught in the Philippines and what's more to it is that it is captured alive. It took several weeks for the villagers and hunters to finally catch up with the huge crocodile who believes to be preying on humans and animals. Some residents were reportedly been missing for weeks or months now.
image source

The huge catch will now turn to be the main attraction in the proposed plan to build an eco-tourism park in the area. Check out the video below to see how huge or big or large (whatever you call it) this monster saltwater crocodile.

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