16 April 2011

Chinese GP - Vettel Storms to Shanghai Pole

It's been five straight days that I've been posting about football not just because I am an avid fan and follower and I don't want to miss the games of my favorite teams but the month of April is just full of good and great games from its local league to the European competition, the Champions League. And what made this a fantastic month is the classic El Clasico. It is not just the second clasico but it’s “Quatro Clasico”.

Yes… You read it right, it is four El Clasico in just less than a month and the first encounter will start in 30 minutes from now but I will not be writing about it today and I will save it tomorrow as a post-game write ups. Instead, I will write a quick and fast post as quick and fast as the racing cars in Formula One for we (Formula 1 enthusiast) all know that tomorrow is race day in Shanghai.

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With the concluded qualifying race, it’s not unusual to see the defending champion Vettel grabbing another pole position. What’s interesting is that it is his third pole in a row in this season and if ever he wins tomorrow then Vettel will achieve the season’s first hat trick wins. Both the McLarens (button and Hamilton) are behind him in second and third, respectively. The only difference is that the RBR has built a commanding margin of seven tenths of a second from Button. It’s big enough that challenging for pole position is futile and no hope of surpassing Vettel’s blistering pace.

I want to see both the McLarens outclassing Vettel in the race day tomorrow, at least they would show some hope of challenging the RBR for the championship.

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