04 April 2011

Google Analytics

Recently, I have experienced one thing that a blogger don't want to happen in the traffic in their blogs. What I am trying to point out is the number of visits that shows in my Google Analytics which is the driving force for the number of visitors you have had in your blog. The graph below shows how tragedy struck my two blogs without me knowing it until just recently. And in this circumstances it also affects my Alexa ranking that plummets back to more than 1 million in just several weeks. 

The spike at the far left of the graph is used to be the number of visits I got in my blog. And the flat line you see is when I made the changes in the template of my blogs.

This is a good example of the traffic or visits not captured by Google Analytics after I made the change of my template. So, to all of you there who are not that techy when it comes to this part, always remember to check the meta tags if it is still there and if not put it back and verify again. Take note how the number of visits dropped.

This is now the number of visits in my blog after I have restored the meta tags and the html codes. It starts to move up again and it may not that significant for now but at least I can see some spike coming off from the flat line.

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  1. This is really interesting. I've never completely switched templates after the first few days. I have tweaked the existing ones with no ill effects.