13 April 2011

Deciding Day for Champions League Second Semifinalist

The second string of semifinalist to be had just started and upon writing this post it's already half way in the first half and nothing happened yet. In Real and Hotspur's side, it seems the latter is doing good in their game of trying to over come a 4-0 deficit even though it's a difficult but they are trying and not losing any hope. One bad thing though is that, so far in the history of European competition, no teams has overturn a 4-0 deficit. So it's a challenge for Tottenham to defy the odds and beat Real Madrid and face Barcelona in the semis (which I doubt).

On the other game between Schalke and Inter, the latter needs to produce at least 4 goals to keep up with its own deficit. They were defeated in the San Siro, 5-2, in the first leg. It is indeed a lot to make and before I finished this post, Raul had just made a GOALLL...! And the hope of advancing to the semis is fading slowly for Inter. They now need 5 goals to survive and perhaps upset Schalke but it is unlikely to happen at the moment. The relentless attacking of Schalke is producing some juice while Inter is a different team right now after Mourinho relinquish his post, leaving the treble last year behind. Inter was never been the same since the departure of Mourinho.

So you hang in there and let's watch the second half for its starting already.

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