10 April 2011

Malaysia : Vettel Wins Again

It seems 2011 is still the year of RBR though it’s still very early to tell but the way Vettel is showing off the form of a champion, it won’t be a surprise to see him more often in the podium. The second race of the season in Sepang was supposed to be a thrilling competition between Vettel and Hamilton considering the slim time gap between the two drivers. In fact, Vettel just snatched the pole position from Lewis in the late qualifying with a slim advantage.

In fairness to Vettel, he drove a faultless race from pole to chequered flag and during pit stops. While Hamilton keeps on pushing at his back throughout the race, but a late blunder near the end of the race when Alonso bumped into the back of his car caused him the most disappointment in the result of the race. It eventually landed Hamilton at the far 8th place after receiving a driving infringement.

See you on 17 April in Shanghai and hope the McLarens will keep their composed driving.

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