17 April 2011

Hamilton Snatched Chinese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton made a superb performance from start to finish and snatched the Chinese Grand Prix from Vettel with 5 more laps remaining in the race. The McLaren driver had a late crisis before the race even started when his car did not start while still in the garage and all of the cars are already on the grid. Fortunately, he managed to get out with only a few seconds to spare before the pit lane closed.

The McLarens made a good start and was able to pass Vettel but Button made a blunder in his first pit stop, which he stops at a wrong pit lane and was eventually left behind by Vettel. It surely caused him a good amount of time as Vettel slowly regain the lead and Hamilton is trailing behind. Then Hamilton finally caught up with Vettel in lap 52 and surge to the finish line. It’s Lewis first win of the season and denied Vettel of a hat trick.

1 comment:

  1. It was indeed a great finish to the race for Hamilton. For some reason Vettel only did 2 stops and I think thats what ultimately let him down as he was deviod of any pace towards the last 10 laps