07 August 2013

Exceptional Customer Service

As I have mentioned in my previous post “The Second Day of Vehicle Inspection” regarding my experience with my insurance company that is worthy of praise and special mention.

I was heading to the city center after the officer had approved and signed the inspection report and that I finally passed the technical inspection of my 2009 Trailblazer. It took me about 30 minutes drive to my insurance company. When I arrived in their office, I was told that the car re-insurance is in the second floor and that was just funny because since the time I transferred to this insurance company it was originally at the second floor then last year they moved it in the ground floor and now moved back again to where it belong. I wonder where it would be next year.

So anyway, when I got in the second floor, I took a priority number and there are two people ahead of me. I sat down and waited for my turn. At that time, there were three agents who are serving the customers. I was sitting just barely five minutes and my number was called already. That was fast and immediately had this feeling of appreciation of their work. The agent on the other side of the table and his assistant offered me to sit down while he is finishing the other customer.
I handed over to the assistant the requirements and the documents that they need. While the insurance agent enters the details in his computer, I asked him if it’s possible to claim the insurance rebates considering that there was no accident that I was involve in the previous year. I was surprised to hear his response as he only said, okay…! No questions asked and there was no hassle at all from the time I stepped on the door. Although I also got a rebate in my insurance two years ago without any hassle and the best thing is that, I received about 18% rebate which was immediately deducted from the premium.

I surely will recommend this insurance company for the main fact that you only get exemplary services and exceptional customer service from them not to mention the secondary awards you’ll have at the end of your insurance.

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