06 August 2013

The Pre-season Friendly Games

As the 2013 football season is looming and within reach already, the friendly games are finishing up too. And speaking of friendly games, there are mixed opinions as to whether it is necessary or not as it can pose a big risk of injury to the players. In fact, there are several big and known names already sideline and or not able to join friendlies because of the injury that they sustained in one of their matches. And if that happens then it is a big blow to the team’s campaign for the coming season.  Some also believe that it has its own big purpose since this is the time that coaches can experiment the team rotations and gauge their capability before the season starts.
Image from lalate news
Most of the big football teams in Europe will start the 2013 season on mid August so they have less than two weeks to polish their preparation and perfect their tactics before kick-off time. And since I’m a big Real Madrid fan, I am following their friendly games and their preparations as well. I am just hoping that they will be able to get the services of Bale before the summer transfer window expires. There are already three players from Madrid who was sold during the transfer window and Higuain is the most notable player. And we all know that their arch rival Barca, already secured Neymar and surely it will make them tougher to beat. The only thing is that, Tito Vilanova is no longer on the pitch to guide them as he is still trying to recuperate from the health issues that he had.

And going back to the pre-season friendly games, it is interesting to watch Real Madrid and Chelsea as they face off in the GICC finals tomorrow. What’s interesting about it is that, Jose Mourinho, Chelsea’s coach, will face his former team whom he left just two months ago after the 2012 season ends.

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