16 August 2013

Goal-line Technology is Go-Ahead

Football has adapted modern technology in order to help the referee to have a fair decision in awarding a controversial goal or not. There have been several occasions wherein legitimate goal was not awarded and contentious goal was given. So FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, has confirmed that goal-line technology will be used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. And after the successful trials at the Club World Cup last December, it was successfully used during the recent Confederations Cup in Brazil though most of the goals made are clear cut.

So in the 2013 football season, the goal-line technology will be tested and implemented and it will happen in one of the biggest European football league. The Premier League season will commence on Saturday, 17 August, and will become the first football league to use goal-line technology at the club level. So far, there are two goal-line technologies that have FIFA approval and both Hawkeye and Goalref were used on both occasions as well.

According to reports, Goalref works by using magnetic sensors to track the ball and determine whether it crossed the line while Hawkeye uses a number of cameras. Probably the latter has the same system used in tennis. Although there are many who don’t support the use of the system for the reason that it will slow down the pace of the game but according to Blatter, video technology was a necessity after several high profile controversy happened.

And in my opinion, I believe that it is just wise to use the technology to support the match officials and avoid contentious goal being awarded or not. So there’s no stopping anymore and the goal-line technology is a go ahead.

Image from wikipedia.

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