03 August 2013

The Second Day of Vehicle Registration

After the technical inspection was finished, I decided not to have it fixed right at that moment because I still have to prepare for my afternoon work. And even if I have to, I have doubt if I will be able to reach the inspection center on time before they close for the day. What I’m saying is that, the police officer who will sign the inspection report will only be around until eleven in the morning so there’s a slim chance that I will be able to make it. I then decided to drive home so I’ll have enough time before my afternoon work.

The following day, I asked my colleague to cover me when I’m gone fixing the problem of my car. I have to do that because I’m on stand-by duty at that day. Anyway, I went out an hour earlier this time since the police who will sign the re-inspection report are only up to 11 o’clock, as I have mentioned.

I went straight to the shop that a colleague of mine has referred and it took only several minutes to fix horn and have it fully functional again. The mechanic told me that the problem is because of loose connection in the wiring between the horn and the wire itself, right at the tip of it. I was thinking that it might be dust or corrosion considering the harsh and adverse weather that this country I am living right now has.
And since it was done so quickly, I have enough time to spare yet I went immediately to the inspection center so it will be finished right away. When I arrived the queue was very long but I have a different line and it only took about 10 or 15 minutes then I’m on my way out to process the insurance. And that too is worthy of a separate post that I will be making so to highlight the efficiency of their work. There was no hassle at all and they too have a great customer service, in fact, it is exemplary that I don’t have any plan of changing to a different company.

So the second day of vehicle inspection was eventful and full of great appreciation to the services that I received. Not even a small and single problem that I have encountered so, that would mean I don’t have any problem too in the vehicle registration. In fact, I only spent just about 15 minutes then I’m on my way home already. I just wish this kind of customer services is available anywhere.

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