28 August 2013

FIFA to Reschedule 2022 World Cup

When FIFA awarded the 2022 World Cup to the bidding nation, many could not believe of its decision to award it to a very tiny sovereign state and thereon after, there were speculations coming out that there’s a conspiracy involved in the award process. Yet that remains to be a speculation until proven otherwise.

The World Cup organizing committee has chosen Qatar in December 2010 as host nation for the 2022 World Cup competition on top against four other bidding nations like the United States, Japan, South Korea and Australia. And now another issue is coming out because of the scorching summer heat in Qatar during June and July that it is not suitable to play football in temperatures that could reach as high as 40 degrees. So the suggested plan is to reschedule it to a much cooler month of either November or May but that too will cause problems to the wealthy European leagues as it occur during their regular football season.

Despite Qatar’s World Cup committee’s strong standing of providing a stadium with state of the art air-cooling technology many are still skeptical in the searing summer heat outside the stadium. And if FIFA is going to reschedule the 2022 World Cup it still needs to be approved and start the consultation process to find new dates to set the schedules and that it should cause less disruption in the European league fixtures. So the 27-member FIFA executive committee will decide on October 3-4 to approve the change of the schedule then find a suitable time to host the tournament and move it to a much cooler month.

Image from wikimedia commmons.

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