12 August 2013

Kick-off Time for 2013 Football Season

The pre-season friendly games are over and comes Saturday, 17 August, the biggest and wealthiest football clubs in Europe will kick-off the 2013 season. Although the French league and the Bundesliga have started already their respective season since last week still. And while the summer window transfer is still open, it is already interesting to watch players playing in different jersey with their new teams. As I wrote this post, there are still three big names that remain uncertain to which team they will be playing in the coming season.

The three notable names are Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney and Luiz Suarez. And according to reports, all of them express their intention to leave their present clubs though so far only Suarez has openly said so. But speculations arises that both Bale and Rooney have strong intentions of transferring and move away from their clubs. And recent events in the pre-season friendly games have contributed to such speculations that they bound to play to a different club. Though one thing that made things complicated is the clear involvement of huge price tag especially Gareth Bale which, if materialized, will break the record books.

Right now, I can’t wait to start watching my favorite football clubs playing again and it also means, buying a different jersey since several clubs have new shirt sponsors too.

Image from wikimedia commons.

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