31 August 2013

Bayern Munich Snatch UEFA Super Cup

It was a very painful and cruel defeat by Chelsea right at the very last second of extra time and in the shoot out of the UEFA Super Cup last night. It was cruel because they twice lead in the match only for Bayern Munich to snatch a goal at the last second of injury time in the extra time, sending the game into penalty shoot out. Both teams started so well in the shoot out with Bayern perfectly slotted all five opportunities at the back of the net and the same goes to Chelsea until Lukaku missed the last and decisive spot kick or should I say, was perfectly saved by Bayern’s goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

I was still at work when the match started and it was already past 30 minutes in the first half when I saw the match and Chelsea has scored a goal too. And after the first half ended, I said to myself that I have seen a different Bayern side. This is not the kind of Bayern who won the Champions League last May at Wembley against arch rival Dortmund, who demolished the great Barca in the semifinals of the Champions League. In fact, there opening three matches in the current Bundesliga season was that impressive as well in terms of goal scoring comparing to what they have shown last season.

When the match restarted for the second half, it took only a couple of minutes before Ribery equalized and sent the match into extra time. It was the same story in the extra time as Hazard restored Chelsea’s lead immediately after the restart and it looks like the match will end up like that with Chelsea contented to defend deep. But then the patience of Bayern was rewarded with only several minutes left in the second half in extra time when Javi Martinez poked home from close range and set-up yet another dramatic penalty shout out.

Perhaps, Bayern Munich’s struggle in the season is probably due to their new coach that comes with new methods and ideas that will take time to get used to.

Image from wikimedia commons.

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