01 August 2013


I made a post last June regarding the possible problem that I will encounter in the processing of my car’s registration. It will be my first time to send it for technical inspection after three years since it is a requirement before I could even renew the insurance and eventually register it for another year. I have mentioned in that post that there was a little dent on the bumper which made me worried that it won’t pass in the inspection. And on the other hand, I don’t have enough time to have it fixed because I only have less than a week to process everything before my registration expires. What complicates more in it is my work schedule and that left me no other choice but to bring it in the inspection center without fixing the dent.
And two days before the expiration, I went there at mid morning so I can avoid the early morning commuter rush and the long queue since everyone would want to finish it quick and fast. When I arrived, I was still caught up in the long line, perhaps many are thinking the same way as I am. The good thing though is that, the queue is moving fast and it only took me less than 45 minutes of waiting time then it’s now my turn to park my car and have it inspected. After another few minutes of waiting, the results came and guess what’s written on the report paper?


My car failed both legal and the technical inspections and what’s worse is that both are major failures too. Although it is expected that it’s bound to fail the legal side because of the dent but not in technical yet they have to because there was no horn at all. But the police told me to just fix the horn and come back then I’m good for registration and all I need is his signature on the report. The other good thing is I don’t have to pay again since the second inspection is free. So watch for it in the next post on how things went out.

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