03 October 2013

An Unexpected Call

Out of nowhere, I received a call this afternoon (which happens to be four months ago) from the water company where we get our drinking water supply. I was clueless at first why they call since we just came from vacation. And perhaps, at the back of my mind, it could be another telemarketer who would want to gain more and advertise their products.

However, I was surprised when the person on the other line asked me if we still have water to drink at the house considering that we just came from vacation and we forgot to bring out the consumed bottles outside during the delivery date. I think we are still feeling the discomfort that we have had during our travel back here especially the long hours of waiting at the airport. Plus the feeling of being annoyed when your gate number is changed without letting you know of the changes.
Anyway, going back to that call, I was delighted and surprised when she asked me if we still have water to drink in the house because if not then they can arrange a special delivery to us and at no extra cost as well. Although at the moment we still have one bottle left but I’m not sure if it will last for three more days until which the regular delivery will come since it is already half full. So I immediately grabbed the opportunity and set the delivery tomorrow morning. It was a surprising and an unexpected call but in the end, I am grateful and delighted for SAFA pure drinking water for their initiative of calling which is indeed a great customer service.

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