01 October 2013

Our Son Goes to School for the First Time

My wife has been recounting our son’s activities in his blog as he goes to school for the first time. I was there with him in the first two weeks dropping and picking him up outside his classroom. It was fun and lots of apprehensions as to how he will behave in the class especially that he always run and seldom stay at one area, not that he has some sort of problem, he is just very active. Then my apprehensions grows bigger and bigger as the days unfold and weeks has passed, more so that he is now catching up with the school bus.

Just like what my wife has said in her blog, it is not about safety that we are worried it is because he is running all the time. But those worries eventually turns nothing as he in fact likes riding in the school bus and he even told me about it with so much enthusiasm. Then he would run towards the window every time he hears the horn of the bus outside the house even after his school hours already. And his excitement shows and reflects on his face.

And one thing that I noticed during his first week at school is that, at first he was just hiding at the back of his mom and once he saw the toys around the classroom, it changes everything and he starts playing around. But then again, the worries came back as he starts running around the room and is no longer listening at his teachers. The only thing that turns out good is he did not cry when we left him and when we dropped him outside his classroom unlike some of his classmates who are still crying after the first week of class.

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